SENA designs, constructs and installs refrigerated warehouses for cooling and storage of various type of products. Construction of a refrigerated warehouse is a unique process and that is why we take great care of all individual requests and needs of the investor, depending on the type of the product and the cooling technology. Refrigerated warehouses are designed for producers and processors of fruit, for logistic and distribution centers, for producers and processor in the meat, dairy, bakery and other industries with specific requests for cooling.


Refrigerated warehouses for fruit and vegetables provide deep freezing and cold storage for those type od products, which greatly increases their life and availability for sale and processing. Design and construction of refrigerated warehouses for fruit and vegetables depends of the type of fruit and vegetables, the quantity that needs to be frozen, cooled and stored, and of the length od storage. Depending on those important points refrigerated warehouses for fruit and vegetables are designed with deep freeze tunnels, cold storage rooms in positive temperature regimes, alternative cold storage rooms that have the option of operation in both positive and negative temperature regimes, and other cold rooms for processing and packaging. For specific products cold storage rooms with controlled atmosphere (ULO) are designed and constructed, as well as systems for ventilation.


SENA designs and constructs distribution and logistic centers that are a key element of operation in all trading companies. Our team of engineers, with the use of modern know-how and technology from the refrigeration industry, modeling software, as well as years of experience, is responsible for the project design. When designing and constructing distribution and logistic centers we take great care of the type of products that will be stored, of the temperature conditions, logistic demands, and we offer a complete solution that meets all energy, hygienic and safety requirements.


Refrigerated warehouses for meat and milk require different solutions than those for fruit and vegetables. SENA designs and constructs refrigerated warehouses and cold storage rooms for meat and milk, taking great care of the selection of materials that will be used during construction, in order to meet the most strict hygienic requirements. SENA also designs refrigerated warehouses for the bakery industry, with specific freezing tunnels and cold storage rooms for storage of dough and finished products, as well as for all other industries that have a requirement for industrial cooling.