ULO hladnjace

ULO storage

SENA designs and builds ULO cold storage warehouses and cold rooms for prolonged storage of apples and other fresh fruits. ULOULO oprema cold storage provides high-quality storage of products with the use of fine temperature regulation, humidity and composition of gases in the cold room. With the use of this technology the physiological processes in the apples are slowed down, enabling an extended storage life. Cold storage warehouses and cold rooms are designed according to specific requirements and needs of the investor. Our partners with ULO/DCA technology are companies from the EU. When designing ULO cold storage we take great care and attention to maximum hermetic tightness inside the cold room, by using the highest quality cooling systems, special ULO cold storage doors, thermal-insulated panels, floors and other components of the highest quality.


ULO vrataBenefits of ULO cold storage warehouses and cold rooms:

  • Lengthening of storage times, which can be 2-4 times longer then in classic cold rooms
  • Commercialization period can easily be extended up to the maximum storage potential of the fruit
  • Diminished loss of acids, sugars and vitamin C, therefore the nutritional qualities are superior
  • Maintenance of excellent consistency of the fruit pulp, with consequently increased ease in handling
  • Several physiological alterations are avoided or greatly limited, such as scald, cold injury, spots, internal breakdown, internal browning, and water core
  • Limited degradation of the chlorophyll with consequently major color stability
  • Diminution and slowing of rot, in particular with low oxygen levels and in presence of CO2 in the atmosphere
  • Safe and healthy alternative to chemical treatments after picking