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With the increase of knowledge about the impact of HFC on global warming ammoniaand CO 2 as natural refrigerants are coming up as efficient and safe solutions in therefrigeration industry. Due to its thermodynamic properties ammonia is still verypopular as a refrigerant in many industries.

SENA also offers solution for ammonia cold storage. We use modern piston andscrew compressors when designing the cooling system, special heat exchangersmade of materials adjusted to ammonia and other components that support thesetechnologies. The solution we design are highly efficient, with the possibility ofprocess automation and energy recuperation.

Ammonia and cold storage plants are especially convenient for large industrialfacilities, for freezing and storage of fruit, vegetables, meat, ice cream, forrefrigeration processes in dairy, soda, juice, water and beer factories.

Over 1.000 reference cooling systems and cold storage plants, more than 80.000T offrozen and refrigerated products per day, and 50 employees with many years ofexperience in the refrigeration industry are a guarantee of quality of the projects,products and services that SENA offers to the market.