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Winter condensing units

Winter series of condensing units is designed for inner and outer installations, with integrated air condenser and control panel. It is used for the medium and negative temperature applications, and the wide choice of different models enable the customer to choose the solutions which meet his requirements - from mini condensing units for small installation to the multi - compressor packs controlled by precise capacity control system.


  • Use of high quality components and materials
  • Large selection of models
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Wide range of application
  • Safety and reliability
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easy for use and maintenance

Winter series of condensing units is designed to be easily assembled and adjusted. It is very efficient, with minimum energy consumption while the inner sound insulation makes them the best solution for urban environment. All models of Winter condensing units have a CE mark for quality and product safety. All the components of Winter condensing units are chosen carefully from the best known world manufacturers, so the unity is of a high quality and price competitive.


  • Galvanized and plasticized metal sheet housing
  • Air cooled condenser with axial fans
  • Compressor (with crankcase heater and rotalock valve)
  • Oil separator (for stream compressors)
  • Anti-vibration support
  • Low/High pressure manometer
  • Pressure Controllers (Double/Low/High)
  • Liquid receiver (with safety and service valve)
  • Liquid line (Filter drier, sight glass and shut-off valve)
  • Integrated electrical box IP55


  • Sound insulation
  • Fan speed controllers
  • Check valve
  • Discharge and suction line vibration absorber
  • Suction line liquid accumulator
  • Oil separator (for scroll compressors)