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About us

Sena d.o.o. is a company that connects technology, engineering and know-how to provide optimal solutions to its clients in the refrigeration industry. With years of experience, focus on quality, efficiency and reliability, Sena is a market leader in industrial cooling market today. Our main activities are design, production, and installation of refrigerated warehouses, cooling systems, components and parts of the system, condensing units and cold storage rooms. A large variety of models, designed for different temperature regimes and cooling demands, give the customer the possibility to choose the technical solution which best suits his requirements.

Sena was founded by Mr. Dragan Senić, MscEE, in 1999. in Kragujevac, Serbia, with the goal to establish a strong market presence and stand out from the competition by following the highest standards in business and in the industry. Modern organizational structure, corporate culture focused on creating value, high level of expertise, experience and enthusiasm of all employees, as well as complete focus by the whole organization on quality of products and services, are the most important characteristics of the company. Sena achieves an optimal balance between price and quality by thoughtful design, controlled use of materials and resources, and with highly trained teams in production chain. As a result, Sena today offers the most efficient, sustainable solutions in the field of refrigeration technology.  

We stand out from the competition by the quality and scale of products and services we provide. Fulfilling and exceeding expectations of our clients are our guidelines in everyday business. According to requests, individual needs and specifications of clients we create individual projects, refrigerated warehouses, refrigeration systems, condensing units and cold storage rooms. Highly trained and experienced sales, engineering, production and installation teams are responsible for project realization. To complete the project, we provide a guarantee for quality, functionality and safety of our products and services, that is one of the most competitive in the market. We also posses all required certificates and fulfill standards that guarantee the quality of our products and services.

All our products are based on ecologically approved fluids, in accordance with the highest standards of environment protection. All components of Sena cooling systems, which we carefully select with our partners, provide energy efficient eco-friendly systems, that achieve maximum performance with minimum energy consumption and atmospheric emission.  The use of the highest quality components, with the expertise and experience of our production and installation teams guarantee long term operative safety of the products.


  • Refrigeration systems and condensing units. According to investor demands we design, manufacture and install refrigeration systems and condensing units for all temperature regimes.
  • Refrigerated warehouses and cold storage rooms. Sena designs and builds refrigerated warehouses and cold storage rooms of different sizes and capacities. Depending on clients specifications our team of experienced engineers designs refrigerated warehouses, according to purpose of storage, capacity and type of the product, number and type of cold storage rooms, as well as other construction and location conditions. Completed and fully functional facility is delivered to the client according to the “turnkey” principle. Cold storage rooms are built for positive, negative and combined temperature regimes, depending on cooling requirements.
  • Deep freeze tunnels (circulating and batch). We design, manufacture and install deep freeze tunnels, so called Shock chambers for different freezing capacities. They are intended for all types of goods, and with an optimized design of air flow they achieve maximum freezing efficiency. These deep freeze tunnels provide quick and even freeze of the products, without damage and with preservation of the quality.
  • Refrigeration systems for indirect cooling - Chillers. We offer refrigeration systems for indirect cooling, Chillers, that provide circulating cooling of fluids for different technological processes.
  • Cold rooms with controlled atmosphere – ULO cold storage with DCA technology.  ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) cold storage rooms, with DCA (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) technology are intended for prolonged storage of fruits and vegetables. These cold rooms provide high-quality and long storage of products with the use of fine temperature regulation, humidity and composition of gases in the cold room. Fruits and vegetables in ULO cold storage can be stored up to 2-4 times longer than in other cooling conditions.
  • Refrigeration (thermoinsulated) doors. We also offer hinged, sliding and sectional thermoinsulated doors of all sizes for panel and wall mounting, as well as doors for special purposes. All sliding and sectional doors can be delivered and mounted with an automatic control system.
  • Thermalinsulated panels. Sena offers thermalinsulated (sandwich) panels with excellent thermal-insulation properties. Sandwich panels are coated with galvanized and plasticized metal sheet, and are made with a PUR, PIR and a mineral wool filling. These panels are used for construction of cold storage warehouses, cold rooms, meat processing plants, dairy plants and other cidustrial and commercial buildings.
  • Products for baking industry. Sena designs and manufactures Shock (spiral) tunnels for dough freezing, as well as chambers for dough fermenting used in the baking industry.
  • Pools for „Ice water“. An integral part of equipment in milk processing technology.


Refrigeration technology is very important for many industries, and that is why the use of our refrigeration systems is very wide: from the biggest industrial systems to small and specific cooling installations for different purposes.

  • Food producers and processors: meat industry, milk and ice cream industry, baking industry, fruit and vegetables processors, producers of eggs, mushrooms...
  • Trading companies: retail objects, supermarkets, hypermarkets...
  • Catering facilities: hotels, restaurants, bakeries, meat shops...
  • Industrial refrigeration: companies from pharmaceutical industry, plastic processing industry, as well as all companies that require cooling.