Refrigeration doors

Thermal-nsulated doors are a necessary part of every cold room or refrigerated  warehouse. SENA offers insulated doors from Italian manufacturer MTH™. The variety of models and types is very wide, and they differ by their purpose, way of opening and the size of the clear opening. MTH insulated doors are characterized by high quality, italian design, the quality of components and ease of mounting. The door leaf is made from polyurethane, then coated with galvanized metal sheet, steel and plasticized. We offer the following models of refrigeration doors:

  • 500/TN - hinged doors for medium temperature cold rooms. Can be made with two door leaves;
  • 603/LWT- hinged doors for low temperature cold rooms;
  • 604/LWT - hinged doors for deep freezing cold rooms;
  • 740/LWT - hinged doors for deep freezing cold rooms with additional electrical equipment for defreezing of doors;
  • 480/S and 480/TN - sliding doors for medium temperature environment cold rooms;
  • 480/LWT - sliding doors for low temperature environment store rooms;
  • GV5 - hinged door with passage for slide guide track. This door is suitable for slaughterhouses and meat processing industry.
  • GV450 - sliding doors with passage for slide guide track, appropriate for low temperature environment.
  • TO and FRO - semi-insulated doors with one or two door leaves.
  • Office - semi insulated hinged office doors suitable for machine rooms, offices, toilets.
  • Controlled atmosphere - Sliding door for controlled Atmosphere cold rooms.


  • All models can be ordered in the dimensions according to demands of the client.
  • All doors for low temperatures are delivered with built-in heaters, which prevens the suspension of doors to the frame.
  • All doors can be produced from INOX material.

Catalogue of MTH™ doors can be viewed here