Thermoinsulated panels

Sena   termoizolacioni paneliSENA offers thermoinsulated sandwich panels with excellent thermal insulating properties. The panels are made from galvanized and plasticized sheet metal with thickness from 0,35 - 0,6 mm, and depending on the type the panels can be produced with the foam filling with thickness from 30 – 200 mm. Thermoinsulated panels are produced as wall and roof panels, and are used in construction of refrigeration plants, cold rooms, meat processing plants, dairy plants, industrial and commercial halls, and other objects that require good thermal insulation.

For the filling of the panels the following materials are used:

  • polyurethane foam - PUR
  • polyisocyanurate foam - PIR
  • mineral wool

The thickness of PUR and PIR panels is from 30 - 200 mm, while the mineral wool panels are made with the thickness from 60 - 200 mm. Density of the filling is 40 kg/m3 for PUR and PIR panels, and 100 kg/m3 for mineral wool.

SENA also offer sandwich panels for special purposes, which include panels with advanced sound insulation and Agropanels. Wall panels can be produced in the version with a hidden connection. All panels are produced and delivered by type, dimension, thickness, and color according to buyers specifications.

Characteristics of the panel:Sena paneli

  • excellent thermal insulating properties
  • precise fitting
  • fast and easy mounting
  • strength and durability
  • production by dimensions and characteristics according to buyers specifications
  • favorable price

Thermoinsulated panels, PIR and mineral wool, have a certificate for fire resistance issued by IMS, as well as a CE mark for product safety.