Sena KondenzatorHigh efficient Eco™ condensers are manufactured from specially profiled aluminium fins and copper tubes and they are completely compatible with the newest generation of refrigerants. Special solutions are available for natural refrigerants as CO2. Technical solutions of Eco™ condensers are designed for all kinds of refrigeration plants.

Cases of  Eco™ condensers are designed to provide easy access to all inner parts of condenser. The cases are meade of aluminium alloys, so they are resistant to corrosion and low temperatures, they are not toxic and they are covered with thin plastic film.
Very efficient fans made according Eco's specifications are mounted with special anti vibrating system on condensers.
The company Sena is the largest importer of Eco™ products in Serbia, which reliability is proven in exploiting.

pdfEco by Luvata heat exchangers technical catalogue can be viewed here