Our mission is to continuously provide products and services of the highest quality, to create and implement projects according to all demands and needs of the client, and by highest standards in the cooling industry. We are dedicated to creating value and long term relations with all our partners, clients, suppliers, employees and the community we do business in.


Quality: We are completely dedicated to the highest quality of all our products, services and projects. We don't make compromises when it comes to quality. Materials, components, and equipment we use meet the highest world standards, and with the expertise and experience of our employees are a guarantee of products and services of the highest quality.

Respect: We believe in creating value through long term relations based on respect, clear communication and cooperation. We treat all our clients, buyers, suppliers and employees with respect, and we value their contribution to the success of the company.

Efficiency: To meet the goals of our business and expectations of our clients we are focused on efficiency on every level of business activities and in every moment. We believe that an adequate, efficient use of resources is the base of continuous growth and development of the company.

Integrity: Everyday we approach to business activities in accordance with the highest ethical norms. We built our reputation on the base of long term relations and trust, and all our partners, clients and suppliers we work with can rely on us.


  • Home and regional market share growth, while maintaining leadership position both in the fields of quality as well as market share.
  • Development of business cooperation with our foreign business partners, especially in the fields of industrial cooperation, transfer of technology and know-how, and mutual appearance in third markets.
  • Monitoring and implementation of the latest technologies, methods and solutions in the field of refrigeration.
  • Expansion of production assortment and capacity.
  • Placement of our products and services in new, foreign markets