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projektovanjeIt all begins with your idea and a request that you send us. From that moment on you become a client of our company. It is up to us to give the maximum effort, to perform a quality analysis of your requests and to offer you the best possible solution.

We approach to every problem presented to us in an expeditious and vigorous manner.  We constantly develop and improve the algorithm of our company business, which is a guarantee for the quality of our products.

Our journey to realization of your idea begins in the project bureau. A team of engineers always strives to quality and original solutions. With the use of the most advanced software for calculations and modeling nothing is left to chance. The final quality of our products is also credited to our production and installation teams, and their years of experience and certified know-how.

In the end we have to point out that we take care about your investments even after the realization of the project. Our service team is always prepared to efficiently and quickly reacts to your request, and in that manner we provide additional assurance. Your trust is always a top priority for us!


  • Dodeljen ISO 9001 sertifikat kompaniji SENA
    Dodeljen ISO 9001 sertifikat kompaniji SENA Nakon opsežne sertifikacione provere kompaniji SENA je zvanično dodeljen ISO 9001:2008 sertifikat od strane renomirane, medjunarodne sertifikacione kuće TŰV SŰD. ISO 9001 je medjunarodni standard…
  • SENA na internacionalnom sajmu Chillventa 2014
    SENA na internacionalnom sajmu Chillventa 2014 Chillventa je internacionalni sajam HVAC tehnologije, koji se održava svake druge godine u Nirnbergu, u Nemačkoj. Izlagači su u mogućnosti da predstave inovacije, proizvode kao…

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